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Lean Project Delivery at Consigli

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Lean Project Delivery (Lean) makes an invaluable impact on construction projects of all kinds—fostering collaboration, enhancing accountability, reducing waste, ensuring a smooth flow of value-added activities and encouraging continual improvement in all areas of the pre-construction tipico sportsbookand construction process.

At Consigli, we create custom approaches for Lean implementation to better match individual project conditions. From the use of building information modeling to improve project coordination, to the use of Pull Planning to finely tune construction hand-offs and work, to implementing our “Nothing Hits the Ground” materials management policy for safer, more efficient construction sites—our commitment to Lean Project Delivery Tipico promo Codegenerates even more value for our project partners.

Lean in Pre-construction

  • Decision Management
  • Choosing by Advantages
  • Target Value Design
  • Last Planner® System

Lean on the Jobsite

  • Pull Planning
  • 6-Week Make Ready
  • Roadblocks Log
  • Weekly Work Plan
  • Daily Stand-up Meeting
  • “Nothing Hits the Ground”
  • Just-In-Time-Deliveries
  • Pre-fabricated Construction Materials: A “Kit of Parts”